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Published: 02nd February 2012
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“Twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are. Up above the world so high; like a diamond in the sky”.

Sounds familiar eh?!

That is because us and the generation before us grew up with those rhyming words. If you give it a closer look, there’s nothing very impressive about those verses but they are catchy and also easy to remember. So when you start to think about how to write my own lyrics, you want to make sure you include words that rhyme in your verses; it makes it easier for the listener to both follow and also remember your song.

Without the slightest element of doubt, we all have music inside of us. Either this music can be expressed through instruments in the form of compositions & rhythms or it can be revealed through the eccentric talent of poetry. Even I, keeping my love & passion for music in perspective, love to write my song lyrics and make my own lyrics to go with the novice compositions I endeavor to create. It really is a satisfying feeling you get by reading your own poetry because it all makes perfect sense to you and also enables you to tell others the message you are trying to or intend to convey through the amazing words you have inked down.

But, saying things like “I cannot write my own lyrics” would be a fallacy you do not want to become a victim of; trust me, you CAN create your own lyrics; and you WILL! And after reading this small humble excerpt, you will come across songwriting tips hints that it will be as easy as ABC to write your own song lyrics. So let us explore on how all of us can familiarized with how to write my own lyrics.
Quick Steps to Write My Own Lyrics
1) Inspirational theme behind your song idea

There is always a predominant thought or mood that inspires us to write a song. This is the exact mood or thought you need to seize and use it to create the chorus. The chorus will be the soul of your song and will further enable you to write the remaining verses for your beautiful creation. So rule number one is to create & hold on to the chorus! The fact of the matter is, if you have the chorus nailed, the remaining verses will flow relatively easily and will be so much more easier for you to hold on to the message wanting to be conveyed.
2) Giving a title to your song

Once you have the chorus crafted to a certain extent, be sure to write it down. Additionally, grab a piece of paper and note & ink down all the words that come to your mind while looking at that chorus. This will also enable you to give a Title to your song. The title will also pave the way for you to further develop your song.
3) Crafting the body and flow of your song

Once you have the title, start to question yourself. For example, let us suppose that the title we have chosen for our song is “The dark night”. Now, we want to go ahead and interrogate ourselves a little bit. Was it the weather that made the night dark? Did a particular event take place that night which made your mood dark & mellow? Or was it instead a happy dark night where you sat near a bonfire with your friends eating marshmallows? The interrogation can go on & on and will help you craft the song waiting to jump out of your heart and engrave itself onto the paper in front of you.
4) Making use of imagery

Imagery is as important as the words you write down. Imagine a funeral; look around from the third person perspective and note all the things that you see; people, plants, surrounding environment (clouds, wind), emotions etc.
5) Sequencing your thoughts and ideas

Once you have all the ammo (words) that you feel are enough, begin writing them down in a sequential manner. Trust me if you have the concept clear enough in your head, it will be a piece of cake to write the remaining bit of your song.
Getting Started

These are the exact same step that I adopt myself when people ask me how to write my own lyrics verse. It is not magic, a bit of an art, but for the most part, an engulfment of emotions inked down on paper. So follow these steps and hopefully you will be successful at knowing how to write own songs & coming up with beautiful poetry backed up by mesmerizing melodies & compositions that will dazzle an audience of any size and age group.

This article has been posted by Ozzy Mirza. Visit writing tips, to learn more about lyrics writing.

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